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I’m writing to you in the name of Khatib & Alami to appreciate your usual exceptional cooperation in being honest and straight in delivering the required printings on due time and in a perfect production and to thank you for your prompt action in hard times.

Mitri Saba

Khatib & Alami

The Salim Dabbous Printing Company S.A.R.L. has proved to be a very responsible, professional, and dependable company, whose staff are helpful, with due respect for client delivery deadlines. From our perspective, the Salim Dabbous Printing Company S.A.R.L. and its Managing Partner Nabil Dabbous are not simply a key vendor, but are real partners in our development work.

Barbara Shahin Batlouni


Salim Dabbous Printing Co. have been supplying the British Council printed materials since 2008.

The service and quality of printed materials have always been up to standards and were submitted to us withing the deadlines.

Faten Itani

British Council

Salim Dabbous Printing Co. always come through with superior quality for its products and most importantly with punctuality in delivery dates. The friendliness, pleasant attitude and constant cooperation of the company’s staff are to be highly commended.

This office highly recommends the company for expanding its partnership with sister UN agencies.

Asma C. Kurdahi

UNFPA Lebanon